Our Other Products

we carry all of your gardening needs in order to be your one-stop shop every spring!

Avera Pots

We carry several different shapes and styles of wooden Avera planters that are available in many different sizes. These pots are long lasting and very sturdy!

We also have a selection of galvanized metal Avera planters, and several plastic and ceramic potting options to fit any budget.

Botanical Interests Seeds

We proudly offer a large selection of seeds from Botanical Interests.

You can find herbs, vegetables, and all types of flowers on our seed racks throughout the season.

Potting soil

We do our best to keep all kinds of potting soil in stock. We have a variety of quality soils that fit any budget or growing need, in several different sized bags.

We carry Fox Farm, ProMix, Fertilome, Jolly Gardener, and Back to Nature soils.
We also have a selection of different composts.


Because this ground cover works so well for us in the greenhouse, we are happy to cut custom pieces of it for use in gardens and flowerbeds!

We carry 3 foot, 6 foot, 10 foot, and 12 foot wide rolls of this woven ground cover. Come tell us how much you need, and we will cut it for you!

Some of our other products include: